2017 List of Classes


Each course meets for 80 minutes on each of the six Saturdays: January 21, 28; February 4,11, 18, 25;  2017.


Presenter: Rod Davidson

No heavy weights, no treadmills, no strict diet plans. Just a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles, under the guidance of a professional actor and performance coach. Challenge yourself. You can do more than you think you can. Join today, and let’s get to work.


Presenter: Phil Schapker

Learn strategies to dramatically improve your chess game! This class will introduce students to a broad spectrum of topics in advanced chess theory, from general opening, middle, and endgame strategies to more specific lessons in pawn structure and tactics for attacking the opponent’s king. Lectures will include examples and discussions of some of the most famous chess games. Students will have ample opportunities to play and practice their new skills and learn to record their games for later review.


Presenter: Brittney Humphrey

Join us in exploring your curiosity about math and problem solving through creative and challenging ways. You’ll get to solve unusual problems and invent your own, apply existing knowledge in new situations. You will further develop your problem solving and analytical skills through modeling, graphing, and solving real-world problems. You will develop a greater passion for math through games, puzzles, and logic and reasoning challenges that will provide fun opportunities for teamwork and confidence building activities.


Presenter:  Esther Hagenlocher and selected University of Oregon Architecture Students

(This is a 2 hour and 20 minute class. The cost is $190.)

Students will become acquainted with the profession of the architect, learn basic concepts and learn to see the built world in new ways. Through a series of small exercises students will learn by making – approaching architectural themes both playfully and experimentally. They will study architecture not only from a purely design standpoint, but will also learn to consider broader technical, environmental and social aspects. Students will be involved in the planning and organization of their final projects, and act as young experts during the presentation.


Presenter: David Schas

Let’s learn about our feathered friends that wake us up at 5 o’clock in the morning, singing away. We’ll explore important features of birds, learn tips to finding and identifying birds (including by listening to their sounds), and get to explore the birds on campus! Technology advancements have given birders many tools to use, so for students interested, we will learn about keeping lists, and getting involved in citizen science opportunities.


Presenter: Andrew Gardner

$10 materials fee

Wood bridge building is a fun test of engineering skill, vision and problem solving. Throughout history a bridge builder was one of the most important people within a society and their bridges meant freedom because people could explore, trade and thrive. Learn building skills, and apply engineering, basic physics, applied math and static designs. Bridge building is for explorers, engineers and visionaries.


Presenter: Grayson Munn

$5 materials fee

Have you ever wanted to have a foam fight, make slime, or grow crystals? Does the secret world of chemistry excite you? Do you want to understand the secrets of the universe’s smallest particles? Then we have a class for you. In this class you will learn the ins and outs of chemistry all through hands on learning and labs. We will use everyday items to do the labs so you can go home and show your friends, siblings, and parents. We will also have a demonstration day in a lecture room at OSU where you will be shown experiments that will amaze and enthrall you. We will also make ice cream on the last day.  How? That is a secret. If you’re ready to have fun, this class has plenty to offer.


Presenter: Mark Allison

Draw animals, people and landscapes.  Draw buildings in correct perspective and create beautiful designs using geometric shapes.  Have fun “seeing” in the special way that the best artists do, so you can draw anything you can see.  This class is for everyone, especially students who feel limited in drawing experience or skill.  Take this class and be surprised!


Presenter: Deric Ntrandekura

$5 materials fee

3-D printing is a rapidly advancing technology that allows digital objects to emerge into the physical world. It has applications in many fields including medicine, engineering, and even archaeology. In this class you will learn the methods, materials, and limitations of 3D printing. You will also create, edit, and share your own 3D models. By the end of the class, you will have prepared an object for printing on a 3D printer and observe it as it comes to life.


Presenter: Kimberly Gregory

Create and program LEGO Robots! Learn about “smartbricks” and work with the Mindstorms NXT kits. Start by building a simple robot, practice driving it, and program it to go around obstacles by “reading” touch sensors. Progress to advanced techniques of LEGO Robotics programming and mechanics, and apply you new skills to complete a challenge project. At the end of the course, you robot will have an opportunity to share what it has learned.


Presenter: Jack Standeven

$5 user fee

This is the class a lot of you have been asking for. So this year we are finally going to do it! Survival mode Player vs Player. Are you a real Minecraft survival pro? Think you can build up the ultimate secret base? Got the ultimate strategy? I will give you one big hint. The best way to get the most out of this class is to find a way to negotiate and team up with others to mine, craft, build and find the others teams secrete base. Because I guarantee the others in the room are going to be doing that and then come looking for you! Learn how to apply basic negotiation and collaboration skills to find out how just how much fun teaming up and playing PvP in a room full of other Minecrafters can be.


Presenter: David Schas

Students will be introduced the science of crime scene investigation. An emphasis is made on how science works, including making observations, inferences, and providing evidence based arguments for their claims. Students will never wonder how biology is useful to the real world, as law and science come together to make crime fighting engaging. As available, experts in the field may join us throughout the class.


Presenter: Jason McClelland

Learn how people have sent secret messages to each other throughout history, from Julius Caesar in ancient Rome to modern day internet communication. We’ll explore the math and puzzles behind a variety of cryptography (‘crypto’= secret, ‘graphy’=writing) systems, crack some codes and build our own.


Presenter: Angela Cail

(This is a 2 hour and 20 minute class. The cost is $230. Students will not need to bring a lunch because they will eat what they prepare each week.)

Come join us on this culinary adventure as you challenge yourself to create unique masterpieces! Junior chefs will compete in 6 areas: cakes, appetizers, sandwiches, pizza, mega salads, and pasta sauces. Utilizing an open pantry and three secret ingredients, teams will compete against each other to earn the title of Winter Wonderings Junior Chef. Participants will be racing against the clock to create the tasty and unique dishes, where judges will decide who wins each round. The best part is that no one walks away hungry! Are you ready? Let the hungry chefs begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor! Students will learn critical thinking skills, time management, creative problem solving, basic food science, and ratio calculation. They will work in small groups, learning how to effectively communicate with each other, and how to maximize group efficiency through team cooperation.


Presenters: Alonso Reyna and Eduardo Rojas Roman

Are you interested in exploring the world of architecture? Then this class is for you. Through the class you will be provided a wide-range of exposure to the world of architecture: famous architects, important styles and periods, and much, much, more. You will learn about different aspects of architecture and use kits to design and build your own model buildings.