2019 List of Classes


Each course meets for 80 minutes on each of the six Saturdays: January 19, 26; February 2, 9, 16, 23;  2019.


Presenter: Sean Caster

No experience needed! Students will learn to play one of the world's oldest, most beautiful games. Throughout the course, students will acquire basic strategies and tactics, design and solve chess puzzles, and test their skills against each other in a class tournament. Students will also become acquainted with the games of famous chess players, and be introduced to online resources and tools used by the masters.


Presenter: Jordan Viramontes

What does it mean to be a mathematical smarty pants? It sounds like it means being smart in math. And it does. Being smart with numbers is one way, but it's not the only way. There are some kids who "see" things easily in their heads. Others are good at strategy games and puzzles. All are ways of being a smarty pants in math. Come join this class and explore different fun and exciting ways to discover math!


Presenter: Kaisa Laukkanen 

$10 materials fee

Express yourself through visual art.  Choose and bring topics you are interested in drawing  - animals, landscapes, mythological creatures, characters from books/movies/games, or a story you have written, etc. Draw items to look surreal or original, dramatic, proportional, three-dimensional, and beautiful.  At the completion of the class you will have improved your drawing ability and learned tools or methods that will continue to improve your drawings. This class uses lots of imagination. Come, learn, share inspirations, and have fun!  All skill levels welcome, especially those that feel limited as artists.


Presenter: Kaisa Laukkanen

$5 materials fee

Create your own, new country, and design your country’s flag. Choose a location, climate, and a selection of limited natural resources. Determine what kinds of products your country can make, given your choices. Make trade deals with other countries (classmates) on limited resources. How much gold will you hand over for clean, drinking water? Determine a system of government for your country and make deals with other nations (classmates) on policies. Can you keep the peace, or will your country end up in war?


Presenter: Sarah Erhardt

$5 Materials Fee

Exactly how do investigators solve a crime mystery?  You will become a junior detective to investigate a crime scene and solve the mystery.  Along the way, learn the techniques scientists use to examine evidence, determine blood types, and perform your own experiments, such as fingerprinting and particle analysis.  This is one puzzle you don't want to miss!


Presenter: Mark Allison

 $35 Materials Fee

Discover how full size airplanes and model airplanes fly.  Build a high performance rubber band powered model airplane for flying in large indoor areas like gymnasiums or outside in large, treeless fields.  Learn how to adjust the model for long flight times.  Be introduced to modeling skills and plan-reading so you will be able to build more complex planes later and know how to adjust them.  Basic skills of coordination, ability to listen and to follow instructions are required for maximum benefit from this class. 


Presenter: Stacey Zaback

$5 Materials Fee

Put on your safety goggles and prepare to have fun with science! We will get our hands dirty, blow things up, and see demonstrations that will amaze you! In this highly interactive science class you are sure to have fun and make new friends all while doing SCIENCE!



Presenter: Kenneth Thai

$5 materials fee

Calling all Minecraft survivalists! In this class we will be taking on a variety of fun and unique survival challenges that will test your ability to adapt to strange environments and thrive. Players from all levels of experience are welcome, whether you are a bonafide survival expert or this is your very first time playing.  We will be going over some basic survival strategies to help you get started as you set out to collect resources, battle mobs, and explore maps that range from a space station in orbit, to floating islands and huge sprawling landscapes. Work together to survive and complete difficult tasks, and use the skills and strategies you learn here to take on new survival challenges of your own!


Presenter: Tamara Sprague

Oui! Oui! 3rd & 4th graders

Learn beginning conversational French from popular children’s books & songs. Le petit prince, Ernest et Celestine, petit Nicolas, and many more. Come learn songs, games and have fun all while learning French! Learn beginning conversational French from popular children’s books & songs. Le petit prince, Ernest et Celestine, petit Nicolas, and many more. Come learn songs, games and have fun all while learning French!


Presenter: Sarah Erhardt

What better way to spend a rainy day than playing games!  We will have fun playing board games, card games, and solving puzzles.  This will stretch your mind as we try out games to challenge your language skills, problem solving, feelings, memory, focus, mental agility, coordination! 


Presenter: Hollie Bates

Insects, spiders, millipedes, and crabs are a few members of arthropod club. Out of all the animals on Earth, 80% are arthropods! During class you can handle live insects and spiders, conduct an insect survey on campus, and create crustacean art. Discover what makes arthropods so successful on land, air, and sea.