2018 List of Classes


Each course meets for 80 minutes on each of the six Saturdays: January 20, 27; February 3,10, 17, 24;  2018.


Presenter: Danielle Mendez

No experience needed! Students will learn to play one of the world's oldest, most beautiful games. Throughout the course, students will acquire basic strategies and tactics, design and solve chess puzzles, and test their skills against each other in a class tournament. Students will also become acquainted with the games of famous chess players, and be introduced to online resources and tools used by the masters.



Presenter: Hollie Doyle

Are you smart with numbers? Or maybe you enjoy strategy games and puzzles? Perhaps you are a visual thinker and you can "see" shapes and spatial images in your mind's eye? Then come join The Good Times Math Class to explore the many different ways to discover math. We will be having fun together solving math riddles, folding origami, and playing exciting strategy and probability games with dice, coins, thinking blocks, playing cards, and more!



Presenter: Kaisa Laukkanen 

$10 materials fee

Express yourself through visual art.  Choose and bring topics you are interested in drawing  - animals, landscapes, mythological creatures, characters from books/movies/games, or a story you have written, etc. Draw items to look surreal or original, dramatic, proportional, three-dimensional, and beautiful.  At the completion of the class you will have improved your drawing ability and learned tools or methods that will continue to improve your drawings. This class uses lots of imagination. Come, learn, share inspirations, and have fun!  All skill levels welcome, especially those that feel limited as artists.



Presenter: Sarah Erhardt

$5 Materials Fee

Exactly how do investigators solve a crime mystery?  You will become a junior detective to investigate a crime scene and solve the mystery.  Along the way, learn the techniques scientists use to examine evidence, determine blood types, and perform your own experiments, such as fingerprinting and particle analysis.  This is one puzzle you don't want to miss!



Presenter: Kaisa Laukkanen

$5 materials fee

Create your own, new country, and design your country’s flag. Choose a location, climate, and a selection of limited natural resources. Determine what kinds of products your country can make, given your choices. Make trade deals with other countries (classmates) on limited resources. How much gold will you hand over for clean, drinking water? Determine a system of government for your country and make deals with other nations (classmates) on policies. Can you keep the peace, or will your country end up in war?



Presenter: Mark Allison

 $35 Materials Fee

Discover how full size airplanes and model airplanes fly.  Build a high performance rubber band powered model airplane for flying in large indoor areas like gymnasiums or outside in large, treeless fields.  Learn how to adjust the model for long flight times.  Be introduced to modeling skills and plan-reading so you will be able to build more complex planes later and know how to adjust them.  Basic skills of coordination, ability to listen and to follow instructions are required for maximum benefit from this class. 



Presenter: Nic Anundson

Have you ever dreamed about becoming an actor? Have you ever seen a show or movie and thought, ‘Oh I can do that!’. If so, join us as we explore different scenes from shows, of which you will be starring. We will also explore what goes into a successful stage show, and learn various techniques of acting; such as, accents, stage presence, reading through a script (table reading), preparing for an audition, and much more! No previous experience is necessary! Only required materials are an imagination, and kindness. Everyone is welcome



Presenter: Eduardo Roman Rojas

Have you been curious of how the world was built by civil engineers?  Have you heard about the next big earthquake? In this class you will get introduced to the different sub-disciplines within Civil Engineering. You will work on fun and small projects that will give you an idea of Civil Engineering work. Within the class there would be a great emphasis on the next Pacific Northwest earthquake including the science behind it, safety and preparation. We will integrate and keep in mind natural disasters when designing buildings, bridges, dams and roads. We must be prepared for the Big One!!!



Presenter: Courtney Ahlgren

You love building cool minecraft houses, forts and roller coasters. You have made great underground secret bases and farms. But have you ever been in a room full of other Minecrafters and built something huge together? You have the ideas. We have the world. We need you to help building up our massive Beaverville Minecraft world. We started it two summers ago. Now it is growing even bigger with your ideas and help. If you are a castle building, city making, undersea carving, pixel drawing, dungeon designing, landscape shaping, road building, bridge building maniac, or just getting started with Minecraft then this is the one for you. Show everybody what you can do and learn some new tricks you can use in your own designs. You do not need to bring a computer. Just come and enjoy!



Presenter: Crysti Wright

Animals are an integral part of sustained life on earth. Students will learn how biologists classify living vs. nonliving organisms, and focus on the five major aspects of zoology: Animal behavior, anatomy, genetics, habitat diversity, and phylogenetic relationships. As a class, students will learn about and discuss different example species and their relatedness to one another. By the end of the course students should be able to answer the three main zoological questions: what it is, what it does, and how it does what it does. This Course involves the evolutionary school of thought.



Presenter: Colin Quass and Jordan Morrison

$5 Materials Fee

Do you love science? Have you ever wanted to do your own experiments, and see the world of science unfold before you? Well you are in luck! Here you can have your mind blown while having fun with friends who love science just as much as you do! Through demonstrations and hands on activities you’ll learn to be a real scientist!