The 2014 Winter Wonderings students and staff are grateful for the generous support of many individuals and organizations.

Financial Assistance Donors

"It is awesome that someone cares enough to donate money so I could go to Winter Wonderings."

"We are so grateful your donation allowed our son to be a part of Winter Wonderings."

Ralph Hull Foundation

Kiwanis International, Corvallis

Chintimini Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

VT Raja

Helen and Lowell Fausett

Bradley Upton

Amy and Steven McLaughlin

Kyle Cole and Susie Brubaker-Cole

Susan and Joseph Heaney

Anne and Rich Catlin


Carmen Wong and Jeffrey Chang

Creagh Hawes

Matthew and Marie Gregory

Delbert Maxfield

Liz Kelly

Garfield Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

Eugene and Yue Zhang

Several who wish to remain anonymous

Supply Donors

OSU Precollege Programs 

OSU College of Engineering  

OSU Zoology Department

OSU Student Computing

OSU Surplus

Corvallis Go Club 


Catherine Cudo






"My daughter's Winter Wonderings classes will always be remembered as a special experience for her."

"All my Winter Wonderings classes were super. Thank you."

Time Donors

OSU Engineers

OSU Microbiologists

OSU Scientists

Carol Brown

Catherine Cudo

Sally Childress

Kyle Cole

Marla Gessford

Dennis Hickey

Judy Michael

Robert Michael

Wesley Rogers

Emily Uhrig

Skip Rochefort


"Thank you so much for donating money so I could go to Winter Wonderings. I had a BLAST! It was one of the funnest things I've done."

Make a Donation to Winter Wonderings

  • Winter Wonderings relies on support from friends and the community to make this important program available to all eligible girls and boys.
  • Donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations provide need-based scholarships and class supplies so program participants can be assured of a quality experience.
  • Your donation is guaranteed to make a difference in the lives of eager learners.

Checks should be made payable to OSU Precollege TAG Programs and mailed to:

Precollege TAG Programs
Oregon State University
110 Snell Hall
Corvallis, OR  97331

"It has been a real learning experience to attend Winter Wonderings classes at OSU. And it is a lot of fun."

Winter Wonderings students thank you for your vision and commitment to supporting our area’s financially challenged gifted and talented youth.