Course Offerings

Online Only

Presenter: Emily Buasriyottiya          Time: 1pm - 2:20pm

Easy coding class of younger kids that involves drag and drop computer language, as opposed to typing their own code.


Presenter: Emily Buasriyottiya          Time: 9am - 10:20am

Workshop on different animal footprints, an introduction to phylogenetic trees and relationships, and learning about different synapomorphies of different clades of animals, etc.


Presenter: Eduardo López-Parra          Time: 10:40am - 12pm

Students will participate in simple guided yoga positions to help meditate and relax throughout the day along with being educated on the anatomy of the human body.

**yoga mat optional


Presenter: Mark Allison          Time: 1pm - 2:20pm

Using simply pencils and paper, learn to draw and design. Learn the principles and elements of design by doing abstract geometric designs, realistic drawing, perspective, scaled drawings, and shaded drawings. At the completion of the class you will have increased your drawing ability and learned tools or methods that will continue to improve your drawings.


Presenter: Lindsey Richmond          Time: 10:40am - 12pm

How can Earth be home to so many unique and extraordinary plants and animals? In biogeography class, we will learn about how animals have changed over time to survive in certain areas of the Earth. We will explore the connections between the living world and the physical features of the planet. Featuring a different ecosystem each week, you’ll learn about forests, deserts, grasslands, wetlands, tundras, and marine habitats.


Presenter: Caroline Gao          Time: 1pm - 2:20pm


Nihao! In this exploration of Chinese culture, journey through China's rich and colorful history as a global superpower with mythological roots. Through interactive games, discussions, and activities, we'll learn all about Chinese food, holidays, pop culture, government, and more. We'll also learn to read, write, and speak basic Chinese. Be prepared to craft, create, and expand your global horizons as a young scholar of China!


Presenter: Caroline Gao          Time: 10:40am - 12pm

Do you dream of traveling the world? Would you like to become a polyglot and speak languages from across the globe? Then join us on this exploration of international cultures, where we'll virtually immerse ourselves in the languages, histories, and practices of various international cultures! We'll create mini-passports, multicultural crafts, and presentations that will help you build a foundation of cultural awareness and global citizenship.


Presenter: Kari-Anne Gonzalez          Time: 9am - 10:20am

Visit places in the world while learning hemispheres, longitude, and latitude and map plotting on the world map.