To be completed by school administrator, TAG coordinator, teacher, or counselor

is applying for acceptance to Oregon State University's Winter Wonderings, a six-week Saturday program designed for gifted, talented,and high-ability 3rd-6th graders. Winter Wonderings' students have demonstrated an ability to perform work in their area of giftedness approximately two years in advance of their age peers. Please provide information, using the reverse side of this page and additional pages if needed, for any of the following situations in which you have observed or worked with the student. Not all students exhibit all characteristics discussed. Students are screened in part through your reference.

1. Relate an experience you have had with the applicant in which the youngster displayed a keen sense of reasoning, used an advanced vocabulary, and demonstrated the ability to converse quite intelligently with an adult.

2. Recall and describe a time when the student stayed with an activity until it was completed.

3. Comment on the student's ability to clearly and accurately express oneself through writing and speaking.

4. Is the student keenly observant and aware of details?

5. Describe the student's sense of humor.

6. Give examples or comment on the student's awareness of things which most children would not notice, or express concern about.

7. Has the student ever displayed the ability to develop something cleverly, imaginatively or successfully? Elaborate.

8. Are you aware of the student's interests in any of these areas? Give examples, for example: hobbies, favorite type of reading material, favorite activity in spare time, academic achievement, participation in group activities.


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